Auto Insurance Quotes in South Florida

Personal Auto Insurance

Global road crash statistics from the Association for Safe International Road Travel note 20-50 million people are injured or disabled in accidents each year. Safe driving practices can help reduce the chance you’ll be one of these statistics, but you still need to keep yourself covered with personal auto insurance.

If your personal protection isn’t enough reason, it’s illegal to operate your vehicle without insurance. You could face steep fines, loss of driving privileges, and even jail time if you’re not covered. At Johnsons Insurance Agency, we have the experience and dedicated team you need to find the right plan and protect you, your vehicle, and your family.

Choose a Plan That Works for You

The cost of living is higher than ever before. We want you to have a solution designed for your budget. When you request a quote from our team, you’ll discover the various options we have to offer.
Choose from minimum legal coverage to full liability and everything in between.
The current minimums for car insurance coverage in Florida are $10,000 (PIP) /$20,000/$10,000 (PDL). Additional comprehensive and collision coverage can be added to these minimums to supplement the policy.
Our team will work with you, listen to your needs, and help you select the best plan possible for you.

Opt for a Better Insurance Experience

These days, it seems like big name corporations are running most enterprises and every kind of service. It can leave you feeling alone and under-appreciated when you use such a firm. Buying your protection from the Johnsons Insurance Agency, on the other hand, provides you with professional level performance and the comfortable appeal of a small business.

Our company was founded in 1969. It began as a single, rented office on Plantation Key. Now, we’ve branched into three strategically placed locations, with the ability to serve the insurance needs of the entire Florida Keys.
We go beyond just covering your vehicle.
Turn to us for any personal, commercial, life, or health protection needed. Visit us online or call us at 305-289-0213 to get a quick and reasonable quote.

When you’re choosing an insurance provider, go with a name you can trust: The Johnsons Insurance Agency.

Contact your local agent for a custom quote.