Commercial Umbrella Insurance

In most situations, your regular business liability plan will provide the protection you need. Certain circumstances, however, call for a bit of extra defense. In this type of occurrence, umbrella insurance can be precisely what you need.

Trust Umbrella Coverage for Liability Protection

Umbrella liability insurance is a unique plan to keep businesses safe. It works to boost your existing policy and makes sure you won’t be suffering large costs due to an accident. When regular coverage ends, the umbrella extends beyond that policy to keep your company secure.

Umbrella coverage has two main functions. The first is to expand on the policies you already have. If, for example, you have $1 million in coverage for each occurrence on your current liability plan, when you add in a $1 million umbrella policy, you’ll then have $2 million in protection for every instance.

Buying an umbrella insurance plan broadens your coverage in addition to heightening it. Let’s say your auto plan only protects against accidents in one area in Key West. Combining a new policy could expand the territory to all of The Keys instead.

Select a Company that Works for You

Any time you’re choosing insurance, you want to make sure the provider can meet your specific needs. At the Johnsons Insurance Agency, we cater to commercial coverage, as well as personal plans. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always eager to give you an estimate and a rundown of the different plans we have to suit your budget.

The Johnsons Insurance Agency has been serving customers for nearly 50 years. With that experience comes an intimate knowledge of every aspect of business insurance. When the safety of your company is at stake, don’t trust it to anyone else.

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