Commercial Automobile


Every day, your company vehicles venture out to clients and prospective customers, delivering your products and services to the people who need them.

Unfortunately, you can never have complete control over what happens in the world around you. For example; weather conditions, other drivers, and the detrimental actions of others can affect even the most cautious of drivers.

If you are left unprotected, any injuries or damage to property inflicted on others could put your business at great financial risk.

Much like personal car insurance, your commercial auto insurance is there to protect you from financial and legal trouble in the event of an incident.

Our highly trained commercial insurance specialists work with you, the customer, to create policies that are fully customized to your specific needs, so that you are not paying for excess coverage.

Here are some of the coverage options that we offer:


Comprehensive Coverage
– Protect your investments against loss from theft, vandals, or natural disaster.

Bodily Injury Liability
– Coverage in the event of the injury or death of another driver or passenger for whom you are deemed responsible.

Property Damage Liability
– Coverage against the destruction of somebody else’s property for which you are held “At Fault”

Collision Coverage
– For when one of your vehicles strikes or is struck, by another vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage
– Protect yourself and employees in the event of injuries, damages, or death caused by a driver whom has no insurance.

We know that every business has different needs, which is why the professionals here at the Johnsons Insurance Agency want to work with you to customize an insurance policy that has everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

Contact us today for a quick quote or to begin the process of finding the perfect insurance policy for your growing business.