So many unexpected things can happen at a building site. That’s part of what makes the construction business exciting. However, not being able to control all aspects of the building site and not being present 24/7 leaves your company vulnerable to losses due to things like theft, fire, vandalism or weather. That’s where builder’s risk insurance can help.

What is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Builder’s risk covers the myriad of things that can happen between when your crew arrives at the site and when the project is complete, including:

  • Theft or damage to building materials on site, before they have been installed.
  • Theft or damage to building materials en route to the building site.
  • Damage or vandalism to the building under construction until the project is completed.

As you know, materials can be damaged by a storm, stolen from the site or vandalized at night. Your driver might even get into an accident en route to the building site that causes damage to your building materials. Builder’s risk insurance helps to protect you from financial losses resulting from such situations.

Why Builder’s Risk Insurance is Important

Carrying builder’s risk insurance is just a smart business move. It’s a way you can give your company security over uncontrollable situations, and helps you avoid heavy losses should your building site be damaged.

Working with Johnsons Insurance

When choosing an insurance partner, it’s important to find a firm that has experience in a variety of commercial insurance areas, such as Johnsons Insurance. We’ve been helping contractors and construction companies like yours with their diverse insurance needs since 1969. We can help you anticipate your needs and mitigate your risk. To learn more about working with Johnsons Insurance for your commercial insurance needs, contact us today at 305-289-0213.